New York University

New York University’s LeDoux Lab is run by Joseph LeDoux, Ph.D. and is part of NYU’s Center for Neural Science. LeDoux Lab studies how traumatic memories are formed, stored, and retrieved in the brain. One of their projects, examining the neural basis of punishment learning in the basal and lateral nuclei of the amygdala, had the following requirements:

  • use of rodent models,
  • behavioral pharmacology,
  • aversive and appetitive reinforcement on variable schedules, and
  • data collection and analysis.

The following equipment was used to satisfy these requirements:

  • MED-PC by Med Associates, Inc.
  • Rat chambers by Med Associates, Inc.
  • Rat levers by Med Associates, Inc.

To find out more, contact Joshua Johansen, Ph.D., or visit the LeDoux Lab Website.