Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What does Nirodha mean?
    Nirodha is a Pali word that means ‘to confine.’ Rodha originally meant an earth bank, and Ni means ‘down.’ The image is of being down behind a sheltering bank of earth or of putting a bank of earth around something so as to both confine and protect it. The term nirodha has been used by Buddhists to describe their Third Noble Truth. The Four Noble Truths describe the existence, arising, containment, and freedom from suffering. The metaphor depicts the arising of the flames of a fire, and the way to manage the fire safely so that its power can be used (such as in an oven). Through containment, the flames of suffering are prevented from being windswept and getting out of control. The word nirvana means safe from the wind. Similarly, nirodha means to protect the fire from the wind and so render it safe and useful. (Brazier, 2002)
  2. What is your payment policy for software development jobs?
    A contract is brokered for all major software projects. Typically, one-third of the estimate is required upfront to begin work. Another one-third of payment is required at the half-way point in the project once a proof of concept (PoC) work sample is produced. The remaining payment is due upon project completion.
  3. What is your late payment policy?
    All payments are due in full within 14 days of completion. Customers who do not make payment within 14 days are charged a 5% late fee. At 30 days past due, customers are charged an additional 10% late fee. At 60 days past due, an additional 10% of the unpaid balance is charged as a late fee and any existing services are discontinued (e.g., website services are stopped). At 90 days past due, a collections agency is involved. Legal recourse will be taken as needed.