Software Development

Custom software to meet your needs...

We provide a range of services related to software development. All of our projects include fast development time, regular code delivery, timely changes, and detailed documentation regarding every aspect of the product development lifecycle. Bug databases and version control allow you to view all of the changes from start to finish. Although our areas of expertise include psychological research and web technologies, our services are not strictly limited to these areas. Please inquire about other applications and technologies.

Psychological Research One of our specialty areas is software development for psychological research. Our forte includes computer-based experiment development, integration with external hardware devices, and data analysis. We have experience with popular software suites such as E-Prime 2.0, MED-PC, and Matlab, and interfacing with Net Station, MED-PC, ASL Eye Tracker, DATAQ, and Cedrus Response Boxes. Check out our case studies to see implementations ranging from behavioral psychology experiments with Skinner boxes to complicated experiments using eye tracking devices, EEG electrode arrays, and even fMRI.

Web Development Our other area of special expertise is in web technologies. Whether it is a relatively simple website development project for the small business or a mission-critical, performant web application for the enterprise, we can help you build the solution you desire. We have fluency with industry web standards such as HTML, CSS, PHP, and .NET technologies. We also have experience with various data technologies including SQL, XML, XSL, and XSLT, as well as special training in Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft BizTalk Server platforms.